Pr night:   From 4.night:          Pr. Week:  

1300,-     1100,-                               8000,-

1500,-     1300,-                              8500,-

1800,-     Fom. 2 night : 1500,-      8800,- 

Cleening fee:




In each room there is two single beds.

Vi gir selvsagt rabatt til større grupper, så ta kontakt med oss, så skal vi sette opp et godt tilbud til dere, slik at besøket på Langneset blir til en flott opplevelse for dere. 


Pr. natt inkl. landstrøm og tilgang til fasiliteter: 150,-

Stamp og badstu
Stamp: 1500,-
Stampen ligger like ved sjøen og puben.

Vedfyrt badstu: 700,-

Pakkepris, Stamp og badstu: 2000



Either fair or foul weather, either northern lights or the midnight sun – the cathedral view, wildlife, tranquillity, relaxation and inspiration you get at Langneset, gives you comfortable rest and a beautiful inspiration.

The lodges at Langneset has an entire wall of windows so you can fully enjoy the panoramic splendor of the ever changing scenery outside. Each lodge has three bedrooms, each with two beds, a well-equipped kitchen and a open living room with access to the patio outside. 

A perfect place to rest and watch the sunset after a day of discovery. 

Each lodge has:

  • 6 beds in 3 bedrooms
  • Well equipped kitchen with dishwasher
  • Patio over the water
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access
  • Large windows with beautiful ocean view
  • Washer and dryer is available in the service building
  • Access to wood fired hot tub



The “Jettehuset” is our old Nordland-house, moved three times before it ended up at Langneset. Named after the good hearted Jette, who lived here for many years, the building was renovated in 2007-2010. 

The house has four bedrooms, each with two beds, kitchen, living room with dining area and a “viewing room” – a comfortable room to watch the sunset. The charm of the old house is still intact and in the morning it is nice to take your morning coffee on the stairs outside, just like so many has done before you. 

This is an old building with a steep staircase and narrow passages, so unfortunately it is not accessible for disabled people.

The house has:

  • 8 beds in 4 bedrooms
  • Well equipped kitchen with dishwasher
  • Garden facing south-west
  • Bathroom with shower, extra shower in the service building
  • Fireplace
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access
  • Beautiful ocean view room
  • Washer and dryer
  • Access to wood fired hot tub